Basic Android Gradle Setup

This post outlines how I setup my Android project with Gradle. I don't think any JAR files should be in my repository, so I refuse to add any Gradle wrapper to the repository directly. Instead I create a wrapper.gradle file as follows:

task wrapper(type: Wrapper) {
    gradleVersion = '1.12'

To create the wrapper I use the system version of Gradle with the following command: gradle -b wrapper.gradle wrapper. After, I build the project using ./gradlew. To keep my Git repository clean I have the following entries in .gitignore:


This is the setup I currently like to keep everything clean and organized. Here's my example build.gradle for completeness:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''
apply plugin: 'android'

android {
    compileSdkVersion 19
    buildToolsVersion "19.1"