Starting Vim

Previously I've been using Emacs with Evil to emulate Vim keybindings. I liked the idea of the keybindings but found myself going back to Emacs mode instead of learning Vim keybindings. I wasn't completely happy with some other things in Emacs. For instance, a minor thing is there seemed to be 4 different ways to change the font face. Some ways worked in daemon mode, some not; some made the window resize oddly and left strange unusable areas. I decided why not try out Vim itself.

I downloaded Vim and the following plugins: fugitive, nerdtree, surround, colors-solarized, and ultisnips. There's a more extensive list of plugins on Vim Awesome which I'll have to check out as well. So far I'm liking Vim (still need to tweak a few things though). In the few days I've used it I found text objects, and they're awesome. Using ci( to delete everything inside the brackets surrounding the cursor and enter insert mode is pure bliss.